News In Brief: Passer-by spotted a blaze on a bus

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to Handsworth, Sheffield, after a passer-by spotted a fire on a bus. Crews tracked down the bus and found a mechanical fault had caused the small fire at 8.10pm on Thursday.

Cooking fire

FIRE crews were called to a house on Burngreave Road, Pitsmoor, Sheffield, to deal with a cooking fire at 1.25am yesterday. Nobody was hurt.

House burglary

A HOUSE was broken into on Glen Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, by a burglar who sneaked in through an unlocked door on Tuesday night.

Cannabis found

POLICE arrested a 38-year-old man after a raid on a house on Ronksley Road, Shiregreen, led to the discovery of cannabis plants on Wednesday.

Wheelie bin fires

BINS were set alight by arsonists on Stanley Road, Stocksbridge, and Coleridge Road, Darnall, both on Thursday.