NEWS IN BRIEF: Hunt for fly-tippers who dumped waste

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RESIDENTS are being asked to help catch fly-tippers who dumped old tyres and bin bags full of waste.

It is the third time rubbish has been dumped near Ash Lane, West Handley, North East Derbyshire, in the last four weeks. Call 01246 217 610 with information about the culprits.

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Uninsured vehicles

POLICE in South Yorkshire seized two uninsured cars from the streets as part of a continued crackdown. Officers confiscated one vehicle from Church Street, Armthorpe, Doncaster and another from Grimesthorpe Road, Sheffield, at the weekend.

* * * * *

Unlicenced seller

A TRADER calling at homes in Curbar, Derbyshire, had his goods confiscated after he was found selling without a pedlar’s certificate. Derbyshire Police were called to the village and cautioned the 18-year-old man.

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Two cars collide

TWO cars were involved in a crash at Chesterfield. The vehicles had a collision at around 10pm on Sunday on High Street, New Whittington. Fire crews attended to make the vehicles safe.

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Mountain bike theft

A MOUNTAIN bike was stolen from a shed in Woodhouse, Sheffield, a car was broken into in Owlthorpe and items were stolen from a building site in Richmond, on Sunday.