NEWS IN BRIEF: Firefighters tackle fire-damaged car

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A CAR found burning on Musgrave Road, Longley, Sheffield, was so badly damaged firefighters were unable to determine for certain what it was. They believe it may have been a Saab Convertible but it was extensively damaged. The fire was reported at 9.40pm on Thursday.

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Man’s drug arrest

POLICE arrested a man on suspicion of possessing heroin with intent to supply after raiding a house in South Place, Chesterfield. Officers stormed the property and arrested the 33-year-old suspect on Wednesday, May 30. He has been bailed.

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House in flames

FIREFIGHTERS were called to a house fire on Lowedges Crescent, Lowedges, Sheffield, at 6.50pm on Thursday but the flames were already out when they arrived. Nobody was injured in the incident.

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Vehicle stolen

POLICE are investigating the theft of a vehicle on Lupton Road, Lowedges, Sheffield, on Thursday into Friday. Anyone with information call 101.