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Tinsley arsonist set fire to furniture

FURNITURE was torched on the street by an arsonist in Dundas Road, Tinsley, Sheffield, at 8.30pm on Wednesday.

An hour earlier, firefighters were called to a garage fire on Norborough Road in Tinsley, where pallets and furniture had been set alight deliberately. Crews from Darnall station put out both blazes.

Car and bike fires

A PEUGEOT 307 car was set on fire by an arsonist on Richmond Hall Way, Richmond, Sheffield, just before midnight on Wednesday. At exactly the same time in Heeley, a motorbike was set alight deliberately on Brooklyn Road.

Wheelie bin blazes

WHEELIE bins were set on fire in Periwood Lane, Millhouses, at 5.45am yesterday, and Handsworth Road, Sheffield, at 10.30pm on Wednesday. Fire crews tackled them.

Blaze in the open

FIRE crews from Cudworth, Barnsley tackled a blaze in the open on Park Spring Road, Grimethorpe, on Wednesday.