Newlyweds’ turbulence hell on honeymoon flight to Italy

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A former Sheffield University student has described her terror when her honeymoon flight nose-dived in turbulence, throwing cabin crew to the aeroplane’s ceiling.

Newlywed Lucy Saxton, aged 30, and husband David Westbrooke, 31, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, were on an easyJet flight from London Gatwick to Naples, Italy, when it hit a thunderstorm.
They say three air stewards hit the ceiling – with one knocked unconscious and another suffering a suspected broken hip.

The airline apologised to the 154 passengers on board the flight, which was diverted 150 miles away to Rome for emergency landing.

Speaking from Capri, Lucy, a magazine journalist, said: “Suddenly people were being thrown out of their seats and hitting their heads. Suitcases were being thrown out of the lockers. There was just utter panic. Some of the Italians on board were praying.”