A new Zest for life

Post Christmas and New Year and Sunday in Upperthorpe and the quiet desperation of your life after 31 years '“ finally culminating in rewriting the Idiot's Guide to what to do in case of fire '“ kicks in with the equally gloomy weather.

But hey, things don’t turn out too bad – an inspiring work-out in the Zest Centre in Upperthorpe – an unruly beard sculpted into shape and citrus fragrance applied by a lad from Kurdistan in the barbers across the road.

Peckish, I pop into the Middle Eastern Restaurant and am served up with a dish of meat juices, featherlike bread and starter and butter chicken.

Great value and as I catch the bus my spirit soars.

What would our owd feller and his generation make of the area now?

I know my response – a new Zestfor life.

Ron Clayton