NEW VIDEO: Police chief said killer of Sheffield teenager Jasmyn Chan displayed ‘appalling characteristics’

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The police chief who oversaw the investigation into the death of Sheffield teenager Jasmyn Chan said her killer had demonstrated ‘appalling characteristics’.

Chief Inspector Stuart Walne, Head of Roads Policing in South Yorkshire, said the Frecheville youngster’s death had been a ‘tragic incident made worse by the appalling characteristics of the hit-and-run driver’ - who fled from the crash scene to avoid detection and went on the run for six days leaving Jasmyn’s family and friends unaware of who was responsible for the teenager’s death.

Naseeb Ellahi

Naseeb Ellahi

He said the ‘substantial’ prison sentence imposed was because of the number of ‘aggravating factors’ there were to the case.

Chf Insp Walne said Jasmyn’s family would never recover from their loss.

“When a fatal collision occurs nobody intends it and unfortunately it will happen again but it’s the reaction of the driver that makes all the difference - whether you show some responsibilty for that and the hurt you have caused, and on this occasion that was not done. That’s why Mr Ellahi has received a longer sentence,” he added.

He said Ellahi had demonstrated a ‘ridiculous’ standard of driving in a dark, residential area on the night of the collision.

The court heard the crash scene was in a ‘pool of darkness’ caused by two street lights not working that night.

“The lighting conditions, for a reasonable driver, would say ‘slow down a bit’,” said the officer.

“Any reasonable standard of driving would have prevented this.

“Ellahi’s actions that night were completely inexcusable and caused untold pain and heartache for Jasmyn’s family.

“Failing to stop and failing to report a road traffic collision is extremely distressing for the family of the victim. Not only do they have to come to terms with the devastating loss of their loved one, they have no answers as to why or what has happened.

“Ellahi forced Jasmyn’s family to endure these traumatic thoughts and emotions for almost a week because of his cowardly behaviour to take responsibility for his reckless and dangerous driving.

“The loss of such a young life is a complete tragedy. Jasmyn had a bright and promising future ahead of her and was well liked and loved by so many people.

“My thoughts are with Jasmyn’s family and friends at this time and I hope they are able to find some comfort and closure knowing the man responsible for taking their daughter from them is now behind bars.”

He said because Ellahi fled the scene his officers had started their investigation into the fatality with ‘a blank sheet’.

But said there had been a ‘sensational’ response from members of the public to police appeals for information.