New tactics to beat the burglars

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Police yesterday launched a new burglary awareness campaign across Doncaster with a ground-breaking approach.

Special teams of officers have been set up to provide immediate response to burglaries and to help make surrounding properties harder to break into.

It is based on ‘predictive analysis’ of crime information to map out the areas of Doncaster most likely to be targeted by crooks.

The ‘optimal’ system has been piloted in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire with great success, and Doncaster is the first area of South Yorkshire to adopt it.

Every burglary reported will receive an immediate visit from officers who will then fan out to alert neighbours within a 10-house radius.

Immediate neighbours will be ‘target-hardened’ to limit the chances of them being a victim too.

The method is based on crime analysis which shows burglars are so ‘lazy’ their next crimes are usually within 400m of their last break-in.

Officers will be out in key areas speaking to residents and issuing crime prevention advice, as well as completing a security assessment on homes.

The security assessment will help people to identify areas they could make improvements, such as changing the types of lock on doors and windows and registering their valuables free on

Det Chf Insp Craig Robinson, Doncaster crime manager, said: “South Yorkshire Police is committed to reducing the number of burglaries in Doncaster.

“A team of dedicated detectives, specialist officers and partners are working alongside Safer Neighbourhood Teams to arrest and disrupt people committing these burglaries. We recognise burglaries have a negative impact on peoples’ lives, which is why we are working hard to tackle the problem. We have started this operation today and I am hoping it will work.”

Police are also targeting homes left insecure which have been burgled as a consequence.