New Sunday trading hours

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I am aware that the Government intends changing the law to give local authorities the power to change Sunday Trading hours in their local area.

As a shop worker at a large local retailer I am very concerned about these proposals and about how they will effect me, my colleagues and our local community.

I am worried that these proposals are a deliberate attempt to deregulate Sunday trading by the back door.

As a shop worker it will mean I and my work colleagues will come under pressure to work longer hours meaning I will have less time to spend with family and friends.

I hope that you will agree with me that at the moment the Sunday Trading Act works well for everyone because retailers can trade, customers can shop, shop workers like me can work; whilst Sunday remains a special day, different to other days, and importantly I am able some time with my family.

I would urge readers who share my concerns to join me in lobbying our local MP to vote against these proposals.

Michael Taylor