New study by baby specialist Kiddicare inspires parenting website

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A study has found 89 per cent of new parents in Yorkshire lie about how well they’re coping.

The research, by Kiddicare, found 97 per cent of 1,000 parents questioned said they’d prefer realistic, honest advice and tips in order to know what to expect.

It also revealed that 37 per cent of parents wouldn’t accept or ask for help from family members or friends for fear it showed they were not coping; preferring to put on a ‘brave face.’

The study has inspired a new, free website, launched by baby specialists Kiddicare, entitled: ‘What I Wish I’d Known,’ where parents can gather real experiences and handy hints from parents. Mums and dads are also invited to share their stories.

Check out the website HERE

Vicky Shepherd, Content Manager at Kiddicare said: “It may seem strange that people who are finding parenting tough are reluctant to ask for help, but the pressure to prove you can do it all on your own can be overwhelming. The research shows that what can really help is hearing the experiences - both good and bad - of other parents who have already been there and experienced the amazing highs and surprising lows themselves – no sugar coating, just honest tips and advice!

“Just knowing others are in the same boat can be a huge relief for new parents and we’re hoping WIWIK will play a small role in helping parents navigate some of the challenges on their incredible parenting journeys.”