New space for Sheffield youths

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Residents and youths in a Sheffield suburb blighted by groups congregating on street corners are being asked to help create a new public space.

The Pakistan Advice and Community Association youth club on Page Hall Road, Page Hall, has a large area of outside space in a bad condition, which members want to improve in the hope that youths will start using it as a meeting place.

Julie Blacker, a PACA youth worker, said: “At the moment there are huge tensions in the area mainly due to large groups of young people time hanging around on the residential streets of Page Hall.

“The PACA youth club has a very large outdoor space - it’s in a bit of a state at the moment but it could be something brilliant. We want young people to have a say with what to do with this space.

“PACA wish to offer a space for young people to hang out. I’m hoping that if I can engage with some of the young people in the clearing up and building process they’ll think of the space as their own and look after it.”