New Sheffield cinema gets off to a rocky start as copy of Beauty and the Beast is 'sent to the incorrect depot'

The Light Cinema opened on The Moor in Sheffield city centre today
The Light Cinema opened on The Moor in Sheffield city centre today
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It was lights, camera but no action as disappointed punters turned up at a new Sheffield cinema to find out they didn't have a copy of Beauty and the Beast.

Staff at the swanky new Light Cinema on The Moor were said to be frantically chasing a copy of the expected box office smash, which was released in cinemas today.

The cinema, which includes nearby restaurants, had only been open a matter of hours before the error was discovered.

Sally Heppinstall, 45, from Norton Lees, turned up this earlier this morning with two friends, her daughter and one her friends, to catch the film starring Harry Potter star Emma Watson. But when they went up to the front counter, they were told they couldn't see the film as the cinema didn't have a copy.

Customers hoping to see Beauty and the Beast were offered alternate films to view and all those who pre-booked tickets in advance will get a full refund.

Bosses at the cinema apologised for the error as the film was sent to the 'wrong depot'. The film will not be shown until after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Mrs Heppinstall said: "We got there and the poor staff member told us there wasn't the film available for us to see. I think somebody has been frantically running around trying to get hold of one.

"It was quite funny be honest, the staff were really great offering us soft drinks for us all while they tried to sort something out. They offered us to see Boss Baby - which they did have a copy of - but we really want to see Beauty and the Beast and we plan to head to the Odeon."

Ashley Inman Business Manager Sheffield; “We apologise for being unable to show the film Beauty and the Beast today and for any disappointment caused. The film was unfortunately sent to the incorrect depot, and we cannot secure a copy until after the Bank Holiday.

"All those who bought in advance have been reimbursed. We will be putting up new film showing times on our website and social media.”