New problem, old law

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Upon reading the letter regarding the anti-social behaviour of youths and their parents’ attitude of refusing to believe that their offspring can be responsible for it when informed of such by the police (July 16) and the author’s opinion that new processes and controls need to be established in order to effectively redress the situation, I was reminded of one such initiative I heard of some years ago when working as a volunteer mediator with the then Sheffield Victim/Offender Mediation Project.

A police officer operating in the Woodhouse area told me they would patrol the district in unmarked cars armed with a video camera with which they would record anti-social behaviour and then take the perpetrators home to their parents informing them of what their little darling(s) had been up to.

Then, when the parents got into denial, the officers would show them the video either in their own home if possible or at the police station if not.

The effect on the parents in question was quite often profound. But precisely what success this experiment had in the medium to longer term and why it appears to have quietly died a death and hence was not more widely adopted remains to be seen. So perhaps readers may be able to shed some light?

Similarly, I vaguely recall the story of an enterprising police officer based in Bexhill-On-Sea, I believe, who some years ago discovered a still-valid law (at least at that time) against the oft-experienced anti-social behaviour reminiscent of nowadays dated back to 1908 or thereabouts.

This law enabled £50 fines or incarceration upon failure to pay to be inflicted on the miscreants concerned.

Thus once again it begs the question as to how come the results of such enterprise has not been more widely adopted and used for enforcement in more modern times?

How come that generation after generation of the older population is doomed by the powers-that-be of the day to suffer prolonged debilitating torment at the hands of anti-social yobs and their parents who believe themselves to be perfect and therefore incapable of bringing up nothing other than perfect children no matter how they behave?

Therefore, any explanations please?

Michael Parker, Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar