New powers to curb anti-social behaviour

Police in Sheffield
Police in Sheffield
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New powers to tackle anti-social behaviour across Sheffield will help curb nuisance neighbours, litter louts and community troublemakers.

Sheffield Council has outlined how a raft of new powers brought in under the Crime and Policing Act 2014 and how they will help reduce anti-social issues.

Police in Sheffield

Police in Sheffield

Landlords have been handed greater powers to evict tenants, while police will have more ways to curb anti-social nuisances who blight communities.

Antisocial Behaviour Orders – ASBOs – have been scrapped and replaced with Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions.

Those aged 10 to 17 can be subject to a Civil Injunction, which if not followed could end up with the youngster being supervised or even handed a Detention Order.

Similarly, Criminal Behaviour Orders will allow courts to take action against someone who has a criminal record to stop them committing anti-social acts or ‘set out positive requirements to address underlying causes’.

Courts will also be able to close someone’s property for up to 48 hours, making it a criminal offence for anyone to enter the property an those living there will be forbidden to go back inside until the order expires.

A Community Protection Notice can now be issued by Sheffield Council to a person aged over 16 to stop them committing anti-social behaviour which ‘damages a community’s quality of life’ and applies to noise, rubbish and animal nuisance. Those breaching an order can get an instant £100 fine.

Those given an order can also request a review – known as a ‘Community Trigger’ – where all bodies involved in putting the order together are consulted and reviewed.

Coun Harry Harpham said: “I really welcome the new anti-social behaviour powers which give us more flexibility about how we tackle incidents, with more focus on working directly with communities. The powers also give victims and communities a greater say in the way anti-social behaviour is dealt with, something which we have long encouraged in Sheffield.

“Anti-Social Behaviour in Sheffield continues to fall and I hope that these powers will help us to reduce incidents and continue to keep Sheffield safe.”