New police operation to reduce crime in Rotherham

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A new police operation has been launched in Rotherham aimed at tackling crime and disorder in the town centre.

It was launched in response to concerns from members of the public, who claim they feel unsafe.

Police chiefs hope the operation will improve the public’s perception of crime in the area.

The new operation will see regular targeted patrols of crime hotspots, with police officers warning that they will be both overt and covert in a bid to catch offenders in the act.

Police will use intelligence gathered by officers over recent months to select the areas to target, along with reports from members of the public and information from partner agencies.

There will also be ‘days of action’ aimed at tackling specific issues, including shoplifting and anti-social behaviour.

Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth said: “We’re aware that there is a perception, particularly among the young teens and elderly members of our community, that Rotherham town centre is not a safe place to visit.

“Our targeted operation is designed specifically to combat those fears, identifying individuals that engage in criminal activity and taking robust action to get them off our streets.

“The patrols are a key part of this strategy – even though you may not see a police officer, there may be one or more around you, monitoring identified problem areas and gathering intelligence.

“We are trying a range of different approaches with this operation and we’ve already seen some positive results. Crime isn’t necessarily very high in this area but we’re hopeful that this operation can drive it down even further.”