New police advice for North Derbyshire cashpoint users

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Crime:Latest news.
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CASH machine users are being warned to be on their guard following two incidents of fraud.

In the first, a 33-year-old man getting money out of an ATM outside Lloyds TSB bank on Market Street, Eckington, had his card swallowed up by the machine.

When he checked his account later in the day he discovered cash had been withdrawn.

A similar incident was reported to the bank by another customer on the same day - Saturday, February 16.

Sergeant Tony Klenczar, of Derbyshire Police’s Eckington Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We want to make people aware of these incidents and ask that they are vigilant when using an ATM.

“The best thing to do if your card is swallowed by a cash machine is to contact your bank immediately, and avoid leaving the machine until you have done so.

“You should also inform the police straight away if you notice anything suspicious. We would also appeal for anyone with information about these incidents to contact us.”

Sgt Klenczar said cashpoint users should always check machines before they use them to look for signs of tampering, or anything unusual which appeared to have been stuck to the card slot or number keypad.

He said anything suspicious should be reported to the police immediately.

Sgt Klenczar also advised: “Use your free hand to cover the PIN pad to prevent anyone seeing your number as you key it in.

“If you are distracted by anyone when using a cash machine, cancel the transaction and try to recover the card.”