New pension will be unfair

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millions of pensioners, because of modest savings or a small private pension, are only entitled to the basic state pension as they are ineligible to claim pension credit.

When the new pension starts in 2015, pensions will see a 3% increase a year.

New pensioners with the same modest savings or private pension retiring after the start date (perhaps just one day after) will get the new, higher pension, while existing pensioners won’t.

They’ll receive more than £40 less.

We’ve come to expect nothing fair from the coalition but their boast of producing a simplified system that is fair to all is just another example of their duplicity.

Existing pensioners who will become the poorer relations under the new scheme, should lobby their MPs and maybe we’ll get yet another U-turn from a Government.

Roger Wilson (Liberal councillor 1980-86) but no longer a member or supporter