New minister and Rotherham MP calls for ‘healthy relationship’ education in schools

Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham
Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham
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Education on healthy relationships should be focused on in schools to prevent abuse, says Rotherham MP and new shadow minister Sarah Champion.

Ms Champion, the new shadow minister for preventing abuse, also said she hoped to tackle the root causes of why abuse happens and make sure victims of it were listened to.

She added: “What we learned from Rotherham is that when people come forward and if they are not listened to at that point then justice is not served.”

On relationship education she added: “It’s not about how to put a condom on, it’s about how to ask for consent and how to respect someone.

“I have spoken to a lot of young people in Rotherham who say they just don’t know what a healthy relationship is because they are finding information on the internet.

“One of the girls that I met, she thought what was happening to her was wrong so she went online and searched but there were lots of examples of gang rape which was what was happening to her so she endured it for another two years because she thought it was normal.

“It’s about trying to give children and young people a positive relationship example.”