New Meerkat Manor for Barnsley

Meerkat at Wigfield Farm, Barnsley
Meerkat at Wigfield Farm, Barnsley
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LIFE is marvellous for meerkats who are settling in to their new manor.

A new enclosure designed with input from students is recreating natural desert habitat at Barnsley College’s Wigfield Farm.

And a glass panel means visitors can have a clear view of the comical creatures - who can peek out at their adoring fans too.

The four meerkats were bought as pups by the farm in 2010 and have been a big hit since.

Centre manager Wendy Wann said: “The new enclosure is a real focal point and provides an interactive close-up experience for our students as well as visitors.

“The meerkats are definitely happier and more confident since moving in to their new home and are a real highlight of the vast animal collection we have here.”

Animal Care student Olivia Seargent, 17, said: “The meerkats recognise us when we go to feed them.”