New lease of life for city tot Elliot

Elliot Wright
Elliot Wright
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A Sheffield tot has been given a new lease of life thanks to a specialist seat which means he can get out and about in the car.

Three-year-old Elliot Wright has a rare form of leukaemia which makes it difficult for him to travel in a standard car seat.

But now, thanks to the new £1,139 seat, from Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children - Eliot’s parents, Catherine Biggs and Phillip Wright, can easily transfer him in and out of the car without causing him any pain.

Catherine said: “The last year has been a shocker, but Elliot is doing really well now and he’s still smiling – which is pretty amazing! He is our little superstar.”

Elliot’s parents were shocked and devastated when he was diagnosed with leukaemia last October. He underwent a bone marrow transplant last December, but post-transplant complications have meant the youngster has spent much of the past year in hospital, while undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell treatment.

Catherine added: “It was difficult to get Elliot in and out of his old car seat and he had also outgrown it while in hospital. For at least six months post-transplant you really should not use public transport so we’ve not been able to go out much; we just use specialist taxis if we need to go somewhere in particular – which can be very expensive.

“The timing of the seat arriving is just perfect. Now that he is beginning to feel better the specialist car seat means we can go for drives together. We can go out no matter what the weather and not be so limited. Anybody who has met Elliot over the past year knows he is car mad. We couldn’t wait to take him for drives into the Peak District, to see friends, and to just start to feel like a normal family again.”