New installation at Sheffield street art exhibition urges people not to drink and drive

A weird and wonderful Sheffield street art exhibition is using urban creativity to spread an important festive message – don’t drink and drive this Christmas time.

By Dan Hobson
Thursday, 24th December 2015, 12:29 pm
Sheffield Speakbrook exhibition unveils new drink drive awareness mural
Sheffield Speakbrook exhibition unveils new drink drive awareness mural

The Speakbook Street Art exhibition, at Snig Hill, continues to surprise and inform with the latest addition to it’s exhibition, an anti drink driving awareness piece.

Acclaimed Sheffield street artists Pawski and Shoe2 created the stunning piece.

Celebrated Sheffield artist Joe Scarborough, famous for his paintings of humorous scenes of Sheffield, heard about the project and gave it his full support.

When Joe finally arrived at the anti drink-driving piece he said: “Incredible, the level of detail is exceptional.

“The eye needs images, this is an image that will stay with the viewer, long after they leave the piece. 
“If they are tempted to turn on the ignition after a few too many, this image will resonate in their consciousness and hopefully dissuade them from making a potentially fatal mistake. It’s a perfect example of the power of art.”

The Speakbook exhibition will continue into the New Year, for information contact curators Two Step Productions LTD at [email protected] or visit the Facebook page, Sheffield Street Art Exhibition.