New home and safety for sick Rottweiler after officer’s intervention

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IT is not the sort of collar Doncaster police officer Cheryl Haigh is used to feeling...

But the concerned officer stepped in to take care of four-year-old female Rottweiler Mia when officers discovered the dog had health problems after being called to an incident at the animal’s Doncaster home.

Police had been called to a domestic incident in Edlington. When they arrived at the house, the woman involved in the incident had already fled to a nearby address and the man was arrested after he became violent and assaulted an officer.

But officers also noticed that the couple’s dog was suffering from reduced mobility in her hind legs.

The owners, who have since been evicted from their house, decided they no longer wanted Mia and handed her over to PC Haigh.

PC Haigh managed to get a temporary home for Mia through her voluntary work and contacts which she had built up at Rotherham Dog Rescue.

An examination revealed Mia was suffering from ligament damage in her knee and, despite being short of funds, Rotherham Dog Rescue has agreed to pay for an operation so that Mia can enjoy a more mobile and pain-free life.

Mia has already been found a foster home, which will adopt her when she’s fully recovered.

PC Haigh’s colleague PC Shaun Wilkinson said fellow officers were delighted she had been able to help Mia.

He said he believed PC Haigh had probably saved the pet’s life.

PC Wilkinson said: “Some days it’s nice to know that you can make a difference – not only for people, but animals too.

“Under normal circumstances, it’s likely that Mia would’ve been cast out or worse because of her lack of mobility and care requirements.

“She would undoubtedly have ended up being collected by a dog warden and put to sleep.

“Now Mia can look forward to many happy years with her new owners thanks to the intervention of PC Haigh and generosity of Rotherham Dog Rescue.”