New forever home for curious rescue kitten

Houdini's new forever home
Houdini's new forever home
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A kitten who was rescued after falling from a pub roof in Rotherham and getting trapped down a narrow gap is going to a brand new home.

The black and white youngster was just five weeks old when he was heard meowing by staff at the Mail Coach pub, on Wellgate Street last month.

With no sign of his mother, and realising that she would not have been able to reach him anyway, staff at the pub contacted the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspector Sandra Dransfield said: “It was a really difficult rescue.

“There was no way to get him out but upwards, so myself and another RSPCA colleague along with officers from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue had to work from the roof he’d fallen from.

“It was a big drop, it was too narrow for us to get down into it, the walls were rough and the gap filled with debris which of course he kept disappearing in.

“We tried all sorts, but it was a combination of a swan hook and a bucket that proved successful in the end, that and a lot of luck. It took two-hours to get him out of there.”

‘Turpin,’ so named after the famous highwayman, was tired, frightened and had dirt in his eyes and mouth when he was eventually retrieved. He was checked over and given some TLC at Peak Vets in Sheffield and then taken to RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham & District Branch animal centre in Bawtry where staff decided to rename him, entirely appropriately, ‘Houdini.’

Animal Care Assistant Rachel Oxley has been fostering Houdini, now aged nine weeks, since he arrived at the centre.

She said: “It’s clear he couldn’t be called anything else really.

“He is a very cheeky and independent kitten who loves jumping, playing, running and being nosey. He also loves his food and climbing up your leg whilst you’re in the kitchen preparing his lunch.

“We spent the first week with cushions and pillows stuffed under the sofas to stop him from getting stuck, and this would become a common theme for the next few weeks.

“His cute little face caused a bit of a stir with mine and my housemate’s friends and it wasn’t long before a work friend of hers came to meet him with the prospect of adopting him.

“He and his partner fell in love and filled the paperwork in immediately.”