New ‘Fix My Pub’ website would aim to banish pubs and clubs violating license conditions

Wset One development, Sheffield
Wset One development, Sheffield
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A Sheffield residents’ group plans to launch a website to help report pubs, bars and clubs flouting licensing rules.

Fix My Pub is being masterminded by Sheffield City Centre Residents’ Action Group.

Peter Sephton, chairman of SCRRAG residents' action group

Peter Sephton, chairman of SCRRAG residents' action group

The aim is allow anyone in Sheffield to view the opening times, music playing hours and specific requirements of any licensed venue in the city.

The idea is based on Fix My Street, an open-source website which lets residents report problems in the community like blocked drains and broken traffic lights.

Noise issues are a regular source of contention at the group’s monthly meetings.

Peter Sephton, SCCRAG chairman, said: “The idea behind the site is tackling when someone is faced with ‘this pub is playing loud music, what can I do about it?’

“There’s no way to report that at the moment other than 101, which has a dreadful reputation for response times.

“If somebody wants to report that the pub next door is playing loud music, they are probably not going to wait 15 minutes, so Fix My Pub is a really good idea.

“We have spoken to the council’s licensing committee chairmen and they are sympathetic to the idea, but said it’s a big job.

“Now we are looking to see who would be interested in developing Fix My Pub, which would allow people to log on, see conditions and report them.”

He said the emphasis is on helping the community, rather than causing difficulties for the pub trade.

Mr Sephton added: “We don’t have a problem with responsible pub and club management.

“What we have a problem with is people who take a Victorian building and then try to put a 21st Century music system in it, a building never intended for it.”