New era for cop shop as house plans approved

How the new house will look
How the new house will look
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A former police station in Sheffield is set for a new era as a modern house built on stilts after plans were agreed.

Buildings which previously housed the former Broomhill Police Station and a public toilet at the junction of Manchester Road and Fulwood Road are to be demolished so the property can be built.

Ellen Beardmore

Ellen Beardmore

The site is located in the Broomhill Conservation Area.

Nine objections were made from residents who said it was ‘out of keeping’ with the character of the area, too large for the plot and would ‘destroy a visual feature’ although they did want something to be done with the ‘neglected site’.

Adam Murray, from architects Coda Planning, said it was a ‘contemporary’ desgin which would show the ‘contrast between the old and the new’.

Plans submitted to Sheffield Council also said the structure’s design would ‘enhance the surrounding traditional architecture’ and it was ‘sensitive’ to the surrounding area.

The two-floor property will have most of the first floor supported on narrow columns and the ground floor area built on the footprint of the former police station to retain existing trees and minimise root excavation.

But seven of the 20 trees will be removed, which was another concern raised by objectors .

Documents submitted to the council said many of the seven trees were beginning to fail, were dying or inappropriately situated and removing them allowed the development and helped the ‘future vitality’ of the remaining trees.

Charles Dunn, from Coda, said the detached property had been wholly designed to fit in with the trees and a more traditional house would have caused more damage to tree roots.

Construction work on the scheme is not likely to start until next year.

The developer is Sheffield firm The Hinchliffe Group.