New dog rules in town park

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NEW dog control measures are to be put in place in a Chesterfield park.

Chesterfield Borough councillors have agreed to introduce new rules for dogs in Eastwood Park, Hasland, from June.

The changes will mean dogs will have to be kept on a lead in the northern part of the park, including the access road, car parks, gardens, courts and bowling green.

Dogs will also not be allowed in the children’s play area of the park.

Owners may allow their dogs off the lead in the rest of the park, but will have to use a lead if asked to do so by an authorised officer.

Failure to comply with the new rules will leave dog owners facing a £50 fixed penalty notice.

Persistent offenders can be taken to court, where the maximum penalty is a fine of up to £1,000.

Councillor Chris Ludlow said: “The new dog control measures at Eastwood Park come after 800 local residents presented us with a petition for new measures meaning that dog owners have to keep their animals on a lead.”