New dog, old tricks for Blunkett

.Sadie, David Blunkett and Cosby
.Sadie, David Blunkett and Cosby
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A NEW era dawns for David Blunkett – with a new dog.

Sadie has been Brightside and Hillsborough MP David’s companion for the last nine years and she is to retire and be replaced by 19-month-old Cosby.

In The Star tomorrow the former Home Secretary will pay a personal and emotional tribute to Sadie and welcome the new boy.

Sadie has been by David’s side through the good days and the turmoil of the last decade and has been a constant in his life.

He knows saying goodbye will be very emotional.

“I have been preparing for this physically and emotionally but I know I will miss Sadie terribly,” said 64-year-old David who has been blind since birth.

“Changing dogs is reminiscent of moving from primary to secondary school or the numerous other experiences in life where things change and the outcome is unpredictable.

“I wish her well as she hangs up her harness and goes off to enjoy a well-earned retirement with her foster carer.

“My new dog, Cosby, is 19 months old and raring to go but there will be a settling-in stage where we get used to each other.

“We both have to learn to do things slightly differently.”

Like Sadie, Cosby is a curly coat retriever/Labrador cross but is 2ins taller at the shoulder.

Cosby will be David’s sixth guide dog after Ruby, Teddy, Offa, Lucy and Sadie.