New device aims to cut pursuits

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EVERY marked police car in South Yorkshire now has a new tyre deflation device to bring vehicles to a standstill when they fail to stop on demand.

The 330 StopStick devices replace spiked stingers which police used to put on roads to deflate tyres of cars they were pursuing.

Since October every frontline police officer has been trained in how to use the new devices.

Insp Craig Clifton, of South Yorkshire Road Policing Group, said: “It came down to safety. Because StopStick is so safe to handle it will allow us to train a lot more people rather than just a select few and therefore a lot more cars can carry them, which can only be a good thing.

“The new devices allow us to prevent more pursuits before they develop as previously it was usually the pursuing car that would have the tyre deflation device, hence being unable to deploy.

“Now that every marked vehicle will carry the device, and every frontline officer will be trained to deploy them, I am confident we will see a reduction in the number of lengthy pursuits.”