New crematorium in Sheffield offer services for miscarried babies

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A new crematorium in Sheffield is offering services for miscarried babies.

Special Care Cremations at Hollow Meadows - on the A57 towards the Snake Pass and Ladybower - has developed a new cremation process which allows the cremation of any baby miscarried under 24 weeks gestation, with the retention of the ashes for parents.

A spokeswoman said: “We offer a dignified and ethical individual cremation service for miscarried babies with ashes retained and returned to the parents.

“For many people who suffer a miscarriage they are given very little information on their options of funerals and services for their lost babies, many hospitals not giving the option of individual cremation or funeral services and miscarried babies simply ‘disposed’ of with no remains given to the parents.

“We not only offer individual cremation, with the return of ashes or scattering in the garden of remembrance, we also offer a service directly to the hospitals and provide burial caskets for those wishing to bury their little one at home.”

The crematorium was officially opened yesterday.