New challenge for Star Walk

Get your entry in to do the Star walk
Get your entry in to do the Star walk
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The Star Walk 2013 is unlike any of the previous events as it is just a one-mile course so our elderly Women of Steel can take part.

But that isn’t stopping some Sheffielders making it into a more physically athletic event.

The Star’s political reporter Richard Marsden and editorial designer Simon Waller have vowed to complete the one-mile lap five times.

And they are throwing open the challenge for any other city walkers to join them.

The pair are both regular participants in sporting events and looking forward to completing their five miles as quickly as possible.

And although this year’s Star Walk is more about fun for the family than racing to the finish in record time, that won’t slow them down.

Richard said: “I always enjoy helping good causes through sponsored walks and runs to I couldn’t miss this one.

“It will be great to finally see a statue for the Women of Steel following The Star’s campaign and I’m proud to be part of that.”

Simon, whose grandmother Barbara Waller was a Woman of Steel, is hoping to finish in a quick time.

He said: “I am doing it on behalf of my nan who used to pack explosives into bombs. My granddad was in the RAF. It is a great cause and I hope lots of people join us so we can raise plenty of money.”

The walk is open to all ages and starts at 11am on Sunday, April 28. Entry costs £10 for adults and £5 for children.

All money raised will go to the Women of Steel Statue Appeal. Register at walk