New car park for footballers to end nuisance parking

Parked cars along Richmond Park Way.Parked cars along Richmond Park Way.
Parked cars along Richmond Park Way.
Developers are planning to build a new car park to put an end to nuisance parking when football games are on.

The plot, near Athelstan Primary School, would provide 30 spaces intended to serve the New Bohemians FC who use the pitches outside school hours.

Players and parents of pupils currently park along Holyoake Road and Richmond Park Road or in the nearby park but residents say this has caused nuisance and churns up the grass in winter.

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Sheffield Council officers said: “The proposed car park is considered to be ancillary to the use of the site for playing fields and helps to facilitate an outdoor use and assist in promoting health and wellbeing. It reduces that nuisance for local residents whilst delivering traffic safety benefits.

“Given that it will not harm the use of the site as a playing field it is considered that the benefits of the development outweigh the limited negative impact on appearance and openness of the site. The proposal is therefore considered to be consistent with planning policy and it is recommended that planning permission is granted.”

Despite this, seven residents have objected to the plans saying 30 spaces was not enough for the football traffic and it would lower property values.

The application will be discussed at a planning and highways meeting from 2pm on Tuesday, October 29.

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