New cannabis club launched in South Yorkshire

A group of cannabis campaigners are forming a club for people who smoke weed for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Thursday, 14th February 2019, 1:22 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th February 2019, 1:27 pm
Cannabis plant

They are also hoping to work with South Yorkshire Police to reduce crime related to cannabis.

One of the founders, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “There is a lot of bad press around cannabis and the public are unfairly punishing people who use it.

“My partner suffers with depression and anxiety but since she’s been smoking cannabis her condition has been getting better.

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“We don’t want people involved in other criminal activity or gangs to be part of the club, we want to raise awareness of the positive side of weed and educate people on all aspects of it. “I love everything about Yorkshire and don’t want the crime that goes with cannabis so we want to work with the police the to help manage the situation.”

The club is open to anyone around Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham or Barnsley.

There have also been dozens of other similar clubs set up around the country including in Birmingham, Derbyshire and Leeds. 

Cannabis is the most widely-used illegal drug in the UK, according to drugs advice service Frank.

It comes from the cannabis plant and contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which affects the mind and mood.

The THC can give users a "chilled out" feeling but it can also cause hallucinations and make people feel paranoid and panicked.

Weed can also make users feel happy and relaxed but also sick and faint.

Cannabis is a class B drug and anyone found with it could be jailed for up to five years while supplying it can lead to a 14-year jail sentence or an unlimited fine.

However in several other parts around the world, including Canada, many parts of the US, Italy, Netherlands and Germany it has been legalised to some degree for medicinal or small amounts for personal use.

Many people in the UK are now calling for it to be made legal in this country too.  

More than 25,000 people signed a recent petition calling on the government to legalise cannabis for both recreational and medicinal uses.

They said selling the drug in licensed shops would limit the access of young people to cannabis and also regulate the THC level.

It has also been argued that licensing and selling cannabis could provide up to £3.5bn for the government in tax and save money on the justice system. To find out more about the South Yorkshire club go to their website at or their Instagram page at