New call for action on Sheffield junction where people are 'waiting to get hurt'

Terry Barrow, with her grandson Hugo Wilson and daughter Victoria Barrow.
Terry Barrow, with her grandson Hugo Wilson and daughter Victoria Barrow.
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Sheffield residents have accused the council of ignoring the safety of road users despite a campaign calling for changes to be made.

Hundreds of people signed a petition calling for a review of highways in Oughtibridge, where they said 'almost daily' near misses happened at the junction between Jawbone Hill and the A6102.

The problem junction in Oughtibridge.

The problem junction in Oughtibridge.

Terry Barrow, of Station Lane, presented the petition to councillors in March. Coun Mazher Iqbal, the cabinet member for transport at the time, promised to visit the area.

Eight months have passed and Terry said they had seen little action from the council, but a number of serious accidents - mainly between cyclists or motorbike riders and cars.

She said there had recently been two in the space of a single weekend. And with many more new houses planned for the area, the traffic was only going to get worse.

"We got such a big petition and presented it. It was quite well publicised," said Terry.

Coun Jack Scott.

Coun Jack Scott.

"But nothing has happened, and we are still having accidents."

A site meeting between residents and the council's head of strategic transport and infrastructure Tom Finnegan-Smith did take place earlier in the year - and that gave a good example of the problems.

"While we were stood on the corner of the junction there was a squeal of brakes as a car avoided a pedestrian on the zebra crossing," said Terry.

That was a near-miss and no-one was hurt - meaning it is less of a priority for the council's highways team.

But Terry said there had been a number of serious accidents since she presented the petition, including last month when a cyclist suffered several broken bones.

"We know of more that haven't been reported," she said.

"We are going to put some signs up asking people if they are aware of anything or if they are involved to ring in so we can start collecting our own statistics.

"But really, that's waiting for people to get hurt again."

Terry said she wanted to know which parts of the city had worse problems and why Oughtibridge was not a top priority.

"How much more do we have to endure before we are on top of that list?" she said.

Cabinet member for transport and sustainability Jack Scott thanked Terry for her 'ongoing calls for a review of safety'.

He added: "It is certainly concerning to hear about the recent issues involving cars and cyclists and we will be reviewing the most recent incidents and accident history at this site to see what could be done to make this junction safer.

“We have to make road safety improvements where there is the biggest need to do so and so this will be a factor in any improvements that we recommend in Oughtibridge and across the city as a whole.”