New book will help kids cope

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A former-primary school teacher from Sheffield has written a book to help bereaved families talk through the death of a child.

‘The Little Star’ tells the story of a family of starfish living in a rock pool, who are overjoyed at the birth of their newest Little Star, until Little Star becomes very ill and dies.

It is author Kay Moorby’s first venture into children’s books, after seeing firsthand the way stories can support children through difficult times, by allowing them to explore their emotions.

Kay, aged 39, explained: “The book tells the true story of the Mortimer family and how they coped with the death of their baby boy, Charlie, and supported their two boys, Harry and Adam.

“The Mortimer family shared that there were very few resources to support children who have experienced the bereavement of a baby brother or sister. It was very difficult for parents Davina and Stephen to talk through the situation with Harry and Adam while processing their own grief.”

As the Star family learns to cope with their tragic loss, there are many questions. How will the other animals in the rock pool deal with the news? Will the rock pool ever be the same again?

Karen added: “The Little Star aims to support families who have been through this difficult experience. At the back of the book there are discussion questions and notes written by Sheffield educational psychologist Dr Nicola Hartley.

“All of the people involved in creating The Little Star, including Sheffield illustrator Mike Hendy, have done so on a voluntary basis and all royalties are going directly to The Charlie Mortimer Fund. Any funds raised will be used to supply free copies to children’s hospices and other organizations that support bereaved children.”

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