New blow for Demi

Happier days: Demi with Ashton Kutcher, ex Bruce Willis and their three daughters.
Happier days: Demi with Ashton Kutcher, ex Bruce Willis and their three daughters.
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In your worst hours, you need to know you can turn to your nearest and dearest.

But should you ever expect your children to be your emotional pit props, even when they are adults?

Actress Demi Moore, reportedly still devastated after her split with husband Ashton Kutcher, must be rueing the day she turned to hers.

Demi’s daughters have allegedly cut all ties with her – and, can you believe this, they are supposedly seeking a restraining order against her.

Reports say the relationship between Demi and Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, whose ages range from 18 to 23, reached breaking point after her “incessant” calls, emails and tearful voice messages begging them to call her.

Some reports describe her daughters’ actions as “taking a tough love approach” having realised being supportive wasn’t helping. I’d call it utterly hard-hearted and selfish.

Their poor mother sounds like a woman on the edge. Someone in deep pain, unable to move on from it. Early this year she was hospitalised for exhaustion and reported substance abuse. Once a picture of glowing, gorgeous, mature womanhood, she is now haggard and rumours are rifle that she’s in the throws of an eating disorder.

She lost her husband, now it must feel like she’s losing her children too. And the fact that they have stayed close to Kutcher, despite claims he cheated on her, is said to be tearing her apart. She probably feels utterly alone and what is needed is more patience and support, not the door slamming in her face.

But while we’re berating Demi’s kids, ask yourself what yours would do in their shoes. It’s a pretty sad fact of life that no matter how much you sacrificed for them – actually, probably because of it – a high percentage of children grow into self-obsessed young adults who don’t give a second thought for their parents’ lives or feelings.

They only seem to see their mothers and fathers as flesh and blood when they themselves become parents. It’s then that they realise what you did, all for them. And how much it must hurt when they rebuffed your invites or failed to pick up when they knew it was ‘only’ you on the phone.

After they have reproduced, they set out on the road to being you saddled with guilt at the lack of empathy they showed for you – and fear that one day, they too will be treated with the same disregard by someone they idolised from the moment they popped into the world.