New bedroom tax campaign group to form

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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Protesters are urging community groups to form in the hope of toppling the controversial new bedroom tax.

Following a public meeting, organised by the Sheffield Benefit Justice Campaign at the Manor Estate Social Club, City Road, residents met to discuss the creation a new campaign group for the Manor and Arbourthorne areas.

The group will meet again in the coming weeks to draw up formal plans, although no date has yet been finalised.

Shirley Frost, a member of the Sheffield Benefit Justice group, said it was vital more groups continue to form in each community.

Mrs Frost said: “It’s the result we wanted from holding the meeting here.

“We’re trying to build a city-wide campaign and people need to get together locally and within their communities to increase the support the campaign has.

“The 15 or so people who were at this meeting have exchanged details and are going to set up another meeting in a few weeks.”

She said she hoped more areas would follow suit.

Mrs Frost said: “We want groups to get together on every estate, and in every community in Sheffield, so we can unite in our fight.

“These benefit cuts are intolerable and we’ve got to get rid of them.”

The next meeting of the Sheffield Benefit Justice group is on Wednesday, April 17, at the United Reformed Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, starting at 6pm.