New after school sessions will benefit whole family

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A series of 15 healthy lifestyle programmes, comprising of five 90-minute sessions, will be delivered by Active Barnsley in primary schools across the region.

The programmes - which will be held after school so that more parents of young children will be able to access them - are the result of £3,900 of funding from the Coalfields Community Investment Programme, delivered by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. The sessions will include a selection of fun activities that will share the wide-reaching benefits that healthy eating and an active lifestyle can have on the whole family. Each session will include practical elements to encourage greater involvement from the participants and will include preparing healthy balanced meals, reading and understanding the packaging of everyday food items and understanding fats and sugars within the ingredients listed.

In addition, short physical activities will also form part of the sessions, giving families the chance to learn new games that can be played at home.

Active Barnsley’s development manager, Chris Reeves, said: “It can be more challenging than people realise to lead a healthy and active lifestyle when you are working to a budget. It is all too easy to rely on ready meals and to believe that extra-curricular activities are too expensive.

“The truth is that thanks to this programme we know that we can teach families some simple steps that will make all of the difference. Encouraging families to come together to learn and share their experiences also means we are more likely to make a lasting difference. We know that the children will encourage the parents and that they will learn life lessons that they can also pass on.”

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