New £84,000-per-year schools commissioner to be hired in Sheffield

Sheffield Town Hall. Picture: Andrew Roe
Sheffield Town Hall. Picture: Andrew Roe
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Sheffield Council is to hire a new £84,000-per-year schools commissioner.

Part of the role will involve supporting Sheffield schools needing to attract sponsors to become academies as they move out of local authority control as part of an ongoing Government shake-up of how education is delivered.

The Children and Schools Commissioner will also be responsible for setting up a new commissioning unit that works with local NHS bosses to improve children’s health and the ‘value for money’ of services related to that aim.

They will replace current commissioner Antony Hughes, who is leaving the council.

A spokesman from Sheffield Council said: “The commissioner will work with our elected members and key partners Learn Sheffield, schools and Sheffield’s Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure all our children achieve their potential, be healthy and resilient, and are ready for the next stage of their lives.

“The children’s and school’s commissioner role is responsible for ensuring that parents, children and young people have a voice in improving the services that they receive, as well as acting as an advocate for those facing disadvantage and experiencing difficulties accessing services.

“The leadership role will also be responsible for creating a new Children’s Joint Commissioning Unit with the CCG to deliver our priorities for children and young people’s health and wellbeing.”

It says the commissioner will also work with partners from education, health and social care to develop a strategy to ‘transform outcomes for vulnerable groups in school and beyond’.

The strategy must also improve parental confidence and ensure the city’s education and health services are using ‘innovative and evidence-based practice from within and outside Sheffield’.

The job description states one aspect of the role will be to ‘provide effective strategic leadership to the council’s approach to the Government’s academies programme’.

The commissioner will also have to make sure schools can attract good sponsors and establish a good relationship with the Department for Education and Regional Schools Commissioner to ensure school converting to academies ‘lead to improved outcomes’.