New 20mph speed limit ahead on 80 streets in Sheffield

20mph zone sign
20mph zone sign
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Plans for a 20mph speed limit on roads in a large area of south west Sheffield have been revealed.

Sheffield Council has launched a consultation into a new 20mph zone covering more than 80 streets in Greystones, Ecclesall, Bents Green, Parkhead and Whirlow.

Highways chiefs say the measure is needed to make the neighbourhoods safer - particularly for elderly people and children - by cutting the risk of collisions, as well as encouraging walking and cycling.

The proposed new zone stretches from streets off Rustlings Road to just beyond Whirlow Lane, including roads around High Storrs and Silverdale schools.

A part-time, advisory 20mph limit is also proposed, centred on the entrance to Bents Green School on Ringinglow Road.

Simon Geller, from the 20’s Plenty for Sheffield group, said it was ‘great news’.

“I think it will make the area safer and will encourage people to walk and cycle a bit more,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of kids coming through the area going to school. It’s a good thing all round.”

The council is pressing ahead with zones. This week plans to bring in three new 20mph limits in Stannington, Gleadless Valley and the area around Sheffield Park Academy in Arbourthorne were approved by councillors.

Mr Geller said he thought the scale of the Greystones to Whirlow zone was necessary. “As a driver myself I like consistency – you don’t want to be constantly stopping and starting. In areas that have been done already, what we have found is that it sends a clear message out, people understand it and increasingly stick to it.”

But he admitted that lowering the limit from 30mph to 20mph was difficult to enforce.

“Police are enduring cuts and don’t have the resources to be on every street corner,” Mr Geller added.

“There needs to be a community buy-in.”

A leaflet sent by the council to residents on the 83 streets within the proposed boundary says: “Lower speeds will help make neighbourhoods safer, more pleasant places for all, particularly our children and elderly.

Lower speeds reduce the severity of injuries for anyone involved in a collision, some collisions will be avoided altogether and people are more likely to feel safe when walking and cycling.”

In the past, road humps have been installed to keep speeds low, but cuts to funding means such schemes are no longer affordable, the council says.

New limits will be indicated by traffic signs and road markings only.

“Speed reductions in ‘sign-only’ 20mph areas can be small to start with but we are committed to working with the community to spread the message that lower speeds will make the area safer for residents,” the council says. “Every driver that slows down helps to make the area safer.”

Signs would be installed on the approach to Bents Green School, with lights which will flash during school times.

Motorists would also risk a £70 fine by stopping on the ‘keep clear’ markings at the school gates.

The council plans to introduce the new speed limit next spring, depending on the response to the consultation.

Call 0114 273 6208 or email 20mphAreas@sheffield.gov.uk for details.

Formal objections must be put in writing by December 11 to Transport, Traffic & Parking Services, 2-10 Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield, S9 2DB.

Roads proposed for inclusion in the new 20mph zone:

Alms Hill Crescent

Alms Hill Drive

Alms Hill Glade

Alms Hill Road

Ansell Road

Banner Court

Barnet Avenue

Barnet Road

Bents Close

Bents Crescent

Bents Drive

Bents Green Avenue

Bents Green Place

Bents Green Road

Bents Road

Bingham Park Crescent

Bingham Park Road

Blair Athol Road

Broad Elms Close

Broad Elms Lane

Broomcroft Park

Carrington Road

Cliffe Farm Drive

Croft Lane

Dobbin Hill

Edale Road

Falkland Road

Ford Road

Gisborne Road

Glenalmond Road

Greystones Avenue

Greystones Close

Greystones Crescent

Greystones Drive

Greystones Grange Crescent

Greystones Grange Road

Greystones Hall Road

Greystones Rise

Greystones Road

Harley Road

Haugh Lane

High Storrs Close

High Storrs Crescent

High Storrs Drive

High Storrs Rise

High Storrs Road

Highcliffe Drive

Highcliffe Place

Highcliffe Road (Part)

Hill Turrets Close

Hoober Avenue

Hoober Road

Huntingtower Road

Huntley Grove

Huntley Road

Knowle Croft

Knowle Lane

Latham Square

Louth Road

Marsh House Road

Moor View Terrace

Murray Road

Muskoka Avenue

Muskoka Drive

Mylor Road

Onslow Road

Parkhead Crescent

Parkhead Road

Peveril Road

Ranby Road

Renshaw Road

Ringinglow Road (Part)

Ryefield Gardens

Stainton Road

Strathtay Road

Trap Lane (Part)

Tullibardine Road

Weetwood Drive

Whirlow Croft

Whirlow Elms Chase

Whirlow Farm Mews

Whirlow Lane

Whirlow Mews