Never mind the kitty, Jolie’s the purrfect little video star

Jolie in the Singing Kitty commercial for Three
Jolie in the Singing Kitty commercial for Three
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Is it National Adoption Week yet? Only, I’ve found THE child.

I fear there may be a fight for her; she’s the gutsy girl on the fabulous Sing It Kitty commercial for mobile network Three.

Forget the cute singing kitten in her basket; it can go to the cat’s home for all I care. It’s her I want. She is the cat’s whiskers. Rocking out to Eighties chart hit We Built This City as she trundles along on her trike, pumping her little fist in the air, she is the tomboy daughter I always wished I’d have.

Alas, she has parents. Very proud ones, I imagine. The ad which makes my day has made Jolie Forrest, the five-year-old lip-syncer from Lancashire, a child star. The clip has gone viral and Twitter is caterwauling with copycat versions. Even Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton got back on her bike for a go.

What next for Jolie, who beat 600 other children, including 200 Sylvia Young Theatre School pupils, to take the role? A Disney movie contract, surely. Though her parents are refusing to spoil her. She’s been told she can’t keep the kitten. Come May, she’s getting a baby sister instead.

The future must be bright for Starship, too. Their rousing, oh so cheesy 1985 anthem has to be re-released. I can’t stop singing it - top of my voice, face in rock star grimace. Though nowhere near as good as Jolie’s.