Neuter your pets, say dog wardens

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dog lovers in Rotherham are being urged to have their pets neutered to help the town’s dog wardens, who are said to be ‘fighting a losing battle against unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs’.

Rotherham Council said the wardens need the public’s help to ‘turn the tide’.

Wardens claim that, despite dealing with a variety of breeds, Staffordshire bull terriers, or crosses of the breed, are the most common they deal with.

The council claims that, because of ‘irresponsible breeding’, many of the dogs end up being abandoned or used to ‘bait’ fighting dogs.

It is giving out vouchers for free neutering operations, provided by the Dogs Trust, to anyone with a status type dog, including Staffordshire bull terriers, Alsatians, American bulldogs, akitas and rottweilers.

Coun Rose McNeely, cabinet member for safe and attractive neighbourhoods, said: “At the moment, Rotherham’s Dog Wardens are fighting a losing battle against unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs.

“They need the public’s help to turn the tide.

“On average, they’re picking up at least three abandoned dogs each day – the majority Staffordshire bull terriers – that’s 60 a month.

“It’s a cruel fact that, without new homes, some of these dogs, through no fault of their own, are having to be needlessly destroyed.

“Often the dogs have some injury or ailment, such as skin complaints, other times they have been used for breeding and passed from owner to owner until they are no longer able to have puppies. At that point they are abandoned.

“The most shocking revelation has been that unwanted dogs, or ‘free-to-good-home’ puppies, are being used as ‘bait’ for fighting dogs, and these harmless, often defenceless animals put against trained fighting dogs to be ripped to shreds.

“There’s little excuse for not getting your dog neutered, especially as it’s free.”

n For a voucher call 01709 822453.