Nephew in court battle to inherit £800k house

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A BITTER family feud has erupted after a Sheffield man was awarded an £800,000 home following his uncle’s death.

Roger Taylor, his partner and their children moved into the Grade II-listed property in Callington, Cornwall, in 2001, when his elderly uncle, William Taylor, had a lawnmower stolen and felt unsafe living alone.

Roger Taylor left his terrace house in Sheffield and set up home in the farmhouse with his uncle, until he died in 2010, aged in his 90s.

Before his death, William Taylor and his nephew disagreed over the arrangement, with Roger Taylor adamant his uncle had promised him the house in return for him moving south.

However, William insisted the only deal he ever struck with his nephew and partner, Denise Burkinshaw, was they could live in his house rent free if they contributed towards the bills.

But last August, Judge Jeremy Griggs accepted the couple’s plea a ‘bargain’ had been struck and awarded them the house - making up most of the pensioner’s s estate, valued at more than £1 million.

Now the executors of the estate, including Mr Taylor’s other relatives, are challenging the judge’s ruling in the High Court.

Attacking the original court ruling, Leslie Blohm QC, for the executors, said there was no firm evidence the pensioner had ever promised his home to the couple.

Under his final will, signed in 2009, Mr Taylor left £650,000 - more than half his estate - to charities. He directed the rest of his his estate be split into 100 equal parts, with 30 going to his nephew on the condition they moved out of the house within six months of his death.

High Court judges have reserved their judgement.