‘Neo-Nazi’ bomb threat to Rotherham mosque

The bomb threat that was sent to a Rotherham mosque. Pic: Tell MAMA
The bomb threat that was sent to a Rotherham mosque. Pic: Tell MAMA

Police are investigating a ‘Neo-Nazi’ bomb threat to a Rotherham mosque.

A letter sent to Jamia Mosque on Russell Street in Eastwood said ‘Next time it will be a bomb, you Muslim scum’.

It was signed off with ‘1488’, which is a Neo-Nazi code for the 14-word creed of white supremacists and 88, representing HH — Heil Hitler.

The incident has been documented by Islamphobia watchdog Tell MAMA, who said it is the latest in a series of ‘very disturbing incidents’ in Rotherham in the wake of the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal which largely involved men of Pakistani origin abusing white girls.

Tell MAMA said the incident follows the racist murder of Muslim pensioner Mushin Ahmed, an Asian man being attacked with a meat cleaver at a petrol station and a Muslim woman wearing a hijab having her car attacked by a man believed to have been carrying a gun.

A spokesman said: “Rotherham remains a flash point for tensions with South Yorkshire Police, civil society groups and faith groups picking up the pieces of what has been a soul-searching time for the town and its statutory agencies.

“The current threat against a mosque in Rotherham raises anti-Muslim hatred to another level and with the Neo-Nazi terminology of 1488 also listed on the threat.

“We will be passing on this material to the police and urge members of the public in Rotherham to remain vigilant. Please report in any material, threats or intimidation that is targeted at mosques or other institutions and we are here to assist and to work with police forces.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Police were alerted on Saturday, August 6, to a report of malicious communication threatening damage, which was received on Monday, August 1, in the Eastwood area of Rotherham.

“An investigation is underway with ongoing enquiries to identify the author, and officers would urge anyone who has information or receives any communication of this nature to immediately report it to police.”


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