Neighbours angry at plans to build in garden

Reisdents at Meadow Head Avenue whp are concernced over plans to build a house with narrow access
Reisdents at Meadow Head Avenue whp are concernced over plans to build a house with narrow access
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PLANS to build a four-bedroom home and garage in the garden of a listed building have provoked furious objections from neighbours.

People living close to the Manor House, on Main Road, Greenhill, Sheffield, have made more than 30 objections to the proposal by Fine and Country Estates, a subsidiary of Blundells estate agents.

The proposed development would be on a plot of land behind the Manor House.

Leigh Newbould, 46, a mechanic who lives next to the site on Meadowhead Avenue, said: “The proposed development is, we believe, part of the Greenhill conservation area.

“There are foxes, owls, bats and badgers within this area. This will completely ruin a small green oasis in the middle of an estate.”

He said the planned development would also ‘encroach quite spectacularly’ on two elderly residents who would ‘look out of their windows onto a brick wall’.

“Our next door neighbour, again elderly, has the proposed access road for the development next to her house,” he said. “There are two properties either side of the proposed access road, which we believe to be insufficient for emergency vehicles.”

He added: “During our research we discovered the deceased owner of the Manor House, Kenneth Arnold, was once Lord Mayor of Sheffield. He applied for a similar project in 1982 which was refused on the grounds of insufficient emergency access. We believe this is still the case.”

His concerns were echoed by Heeley MP Meg Munn, who added the access road was ‘certainly unsuitable for emergency vehicles’.

Architects Coda Studios said although the Manor House is in a conservation area, the garden is not.

The company said in its statement to Sheffield Council: “The scheme will provide significant benefits to the community in terms of a new family home, visual amenity, good quality residential development, and security.”

Andrew Winter, director of Blundells, said: “The Manor House has an enormous garden and we have applied for planning permission to leave all the options open for sale of the estate. Our advice was the access road was suitable for emergency access.

“All factors will be considered by the planning board.”