Neigh lass, I'm star of the show

ARE you after a ticket for the Christmas panto?

Wednesday, 26th September 2007, 2:21 pm

Neigh lass, I’m an Opera star.

That’s what Eeyore the donkey, set to appear in the Ellen Kent production of Carmen on Wednesday, told Sheffield City Hall box office clerk Linda Williamson ... well probably.

His appearance on stage stems from Ellen’s time spent living in Andaluca as a teenager.

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Ellen set up the Spanish equivalent of the RSPCA based at her mother’s farm where she helped liberate donkeys from festivals where they would be killed.

A spokesperson for the Opera company said: “The inclusion of Eeyore on stage is not just for authenticity but also to raise awareness of animal welfare.”

Eeyore’s appearance should also help raise a few quid for a the Elisabeth Svendson Trust for Children and Donkeys.

A collection will be taken following the opera.

But they may need the collection buckets for summat else.