Neglected dogs’ vet bills total £6,000 for one month at Sheffield charity

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Neglected, starved and abandoned – these are just three of the desperate dogs which needed urgent care after they were taken in by a South Yorkshire charity.

Lula, aged six, had to have her entire ear canal removed by vets due to severe infection after the stray was found in a completely matted state and taken to Rain Rescue.

Ted the mastiff crossbreed was left locked in an empty house with no food and had become ‘skin and bone’, as well as having two infected vertebrae discs which caused him to collapse.

And lurcher type Toby needs careful care due to cruciate damage which had become so severe he could not use one of his legs.

Lauren Sanderson, from the charity based in Sheffield and Rotherham, said vets’ bills for January alone had totalled £6,000.

She added: “Lulu was just in the worst condition, then we found out she had a terrible ear infection and had to have the whole ear canal removed so she is going to be deaf on one side.

“As soon as she has recovered from that she will have to have a mammary tumour removed as well.

“She’s been back and forth to the vets for weeks but she hasn’t whinged, she just lets us get on with it.

“If injuries like Toby’s are left they get more severe and it seems he hadn’t had the care he needed, so it got to the point where he couldn’t walk on it.

“Ted was skin and bone as he had been left inside a house with no food – he was lucky to be found.

“He was recovering well when we noticed he was collapsing at the back end, so we had to go to a specialist vets for an MRI scan.

“We are looking at vets’ bills of £1,600 just for him.”

The charity sought help from the 21,000 people who follow it on social media, asking Facebook fans to donate £1.

So far big-hearted animal lovers have donated £1,800.

Lauren added: “One of our supporters suggested that if all our followers donated a pound it would make a massive difference.

“We have had a really good response to it so far, which is brilliant.

“The vet bills are a huge cost and they come before food or anything else so it is a lot to come in one month – every penny donated does make a difference.”

n To donate towards the vets’ bills text RAIN04 followed by £1 to 70070.

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