'Negative impacts already on Sheffield' say campaign group as process begins to leave the EU

Campaigners from Sheffield for Europe
Campaigners from Sheffield for Europe
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A Sheffield pro-EU group has urged the Government not to short change the city as the Brexit process gets underway.

The city voted in favour of exiting the political union by 51 per cent back in June 2016

Campaigners held a demonstration last week as Prime Minister Theresa May as triggered Article 50 - the official process of leaving the European Union.

Many turned out with EU flags and yellow stars which represent the people of the now 27 member states.

Jane Thomas, one of the organisers of Sheffield for Europe, which was born out of the local Remain campaign, said the group would fight to make sure the city's voice is heard the negotiations.

"We are concerned about the implications for Sheffield and we remain concerned about the next generation and what's going to happen to them.

"In particular, we're a university city and I know already their are negative impacts on the universities and it bothers us because it affects the Sheffield economy.

"Also, Sheffield needed the EU when the coal mines and the steel industry collapsed and objective one was our get out of jail card."

Many people reacted unfavourably to the group's demonstration urging them to 'respect the will of the people'.

"Yes, we are leaving, I can't deny that but it's our responsibility to make sure that we mitigate against the worst possible deal for Sheffield," Jane added.

"We know we're at the start of a process and the devil will be in the detail and that detail has got to be something that reflects the needs and aspirations and the economy of Sheffield."

Demonstration organiser Neil Schofield added: "Sheffield for Europe was established to question the need for a hard and chaotic Brexit and to make sure that Sheffield’s voice is heard loud and clear in any negotiations.

"We are a city of young people with two large universities, and we know that there are massive implications both for our economy and the next generation."

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