Needless slaughter

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Dog lovers will be horrified to learn of the needless slaughter and mass consumption of thousands of dogs at an annual event in the Chinese city of Yulin around the summer solstice on June 21.

Some of those dogs could even have been someone’s pet that has been stolen. Others have been rounded up as strays. In the weeks before, many thousands of dogs are reportedly transported huge distances in cramped cages, without food and water, to await their horrific fate.

Dogs are reportedly electrocuted and skinned alive, then hung upside down, beaten and left to bleed to death, all apparently in front of other dogs awaiting their own slaughter. This is not an ancient cultural tradition. This has only been happening in Yulin for the past few years and was established for economic and tourism purposes. Please help us in our efforts to ban this horrendous slaughter of dogs by adding your name to our letter addressed to the British Ambassador in China (online at:

Philip Mansbridge

UK Director of IFAW