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JW Vintin, (Letters, October 23, 2015), appears to have a problem with the lifestyle of those in social housing claiming benefits and it appears to have coloured his judgement to such an extent that he publicly spews his bile.

However, though he claims to have visited hundreds, (or maybe thousands), of council properties over his 30 years in social housing, I would maintain, that is a mere drop in the ocean when compared to the millions across the land.

Nevertheless, he appears to believe his relatively narrow experience gives him carte blanche to cast a shadow over the lives of people in social housing.

Those who work in the same way as himself, the retired who spent a lifetime working, young people motivated sufficient to find their way in these turbulent times or who have studied long and hard to gain degrees, (some at Masters level).

Young children who have to carry the yoke of his labelling, the sick and disabled, many of whom would no doubt swap their afflictions for a lifetime of good health and the ability to work!

There is no common denominator, JW Vintin, beyond that in your imagination, only your assumptions that what you see in your fleeting visits equate to idleness and lack of motivation because people are different.

However, now that you have broken the, (unwritten?), code of ethics by revealing what you saw over those years and making unfounded allegations about the people you met, shall we assume a common thread runs through the characters of all council employees?

Should we, therefore, view them with suspicion when allowing them into our properties on council business?

Ironically, unemployment has become a source of employment for many and if, as you claim, so many are unnecessarily idling away their days maybe you should be expending your energies in questioning THEIR usefulness!

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, Sheffield 5