NAMED & SHAMED: The Sheffield businesses failing to pay the minimum wage

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A number of Sheffield businesses have been ordered to repay underpaid staff money after failing to provide the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage.

Yesterday, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy published a list of 233 businesses that underpaid workers.

The government's actions means that more than 13,000 of the UK's lowest paid workers will get around £2m back in pay.

As well as paying back staff the money owed, employers on the list have been fined a record £1.9 million by the government.

The list includes a number of Yorkshire businesses, including three from Sheffield, one from Barnsley, eight from Leeds, four from Wakefield and five from Kirklees.

Here is the list of local businesses which have been ordered to pay cash to staff, and the exact amount which was underpaid, in no particular order:

South Yorkshire businesses

The Nose Ltd trading as Pointing Dog, Sheffield S17, failed to pay £647.75 to 1 worker.

HG Marantos Ltd trading as Maranto’s Pizza & Grill House, Sheffield S12, failed to pay £345.60 to 1 worker.

J W Rose (Bakers) Limited trading as Roses The Bakers, Sheffield S4, failed to pay £167.32 to 2 workers.

Leslie Frances (Hair Fashions) Limited, Barnsley S70, failed to pay £387.39 to 7 workers.

Leeds businesses

Emma's Angels Day Nursery Limited, Leeds LS19, failed to pay £4,178.89 to 5 workers.

Hi 5's Limited, Leeds LS27, failed to pay £3,062.93 to 5 workers.

AL. Murad D.I.Y. Limited trading as Al-Murad Tiles, Leeds LS27, failed to pay £338.91 to 1 worker.

Primley Park Children's Nurseries Limited, Leeds LS17, failed to pay £1,859.58 to 4 workers.

Sweet Peas Day Care & Teaching Nurseries Limited, Leeds LS25, failed to pay £803.98 to 10 workers.

UK Safety Management Ltd, Leeds LS15, failed to pay £104.40 to 1 worker.

Urban Development Projects Ltd, Leeds LS9, failed to pay £237.64 to 2 workers.

Mr Glenn Dobson and Mrs Debra Dobson trading as The Beach, Leeds LS26, failed to pay £157.89 to 4 workers.

Since 2013, the scheme has identified £6 million back pay for 40,000 workers, with 1,200 employers fined £4 million.

Nationally, home furnishing and electronics giant Argos has been ordered to pay £1.4million to 12,176 workers.

Business Minister Margot James said: "It is against the law to pay workers less than legal minimum wage rates, short-changing ordinary working people and undercutting honest employers.

"Today’s naming round identifies a record £2 million of back pay for workers and sends the clear message to employers that the government will come down hard on those who break the law.

"Common errors made by employers in this round included deducting money from pay packets to pay for uniforms, failure to account for overtime hours, and wrongly paying apprentice rates to workers.

Melissa Tatton, Director at HM Revenue and Customs said: "HMRC is committed to getting money back into the pockets of underpaid workers, and continues to crack down on employers who ignore the law.

"Those not paying workers the National Minimum or Living Wage can expect to face the consequences."